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Step 1:

Clean, Sand & Prep

Step 2:


Step 3:

Paint & Finishes

Let's Paint Your Bus!

Save yourself time, headaches, frustration, and a mess - treat yourself to a professional prepared paint job to showcase your beautiful rig! One that will last, increase your resale value, and be the envy of all your bus friends!

Our paint is friendlier to your budget than traditional vehicle paint and lasts the way you want it to! 

This benefit is unlike many DIY builds that have done a wonderful job painting their rig, but use materials that are not designed for this purpose.


Interested In A Paint Job?
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You've decided on nomad life, congratulations! 

Maybe you've built the bus of your dreams into a cozy space that you love, but the exterior could use a little face lift to match the interior you've worked so hard on -- we've got you!

Or maybe you're just getting started on your build and you want to knock out the exterior (and interior) painting to get a head start without all the fuss.





  • Multiple Days or Weeks to complete 

  • Researching types of paint 

  • Researching types of tools 

  • Learning curve to use tools & unfamiliar techniques

  • Renting or Purchasing single-use (or few use) items such as brushes, rollers, tape, plastic, sprayers

  • Messy job

  • Difficulty finding indoor space to paint.

    & painting outdoors = risk to paint job from: insects, dirt, wind, temperature, weather, etc.

  • Potential for frustration & dissatisfaction

  • Professional Job

    • Completed in just 2 days!

    • Best options already researched & presented to you for your choice

    • Clean lines & professional finish

    • No Mess!

    • Increases Resale Value

    • Option for unique & beautiful faux finish elements and/or mural art

    • Painted in a protected paint booth
      (available option for mobile on-site, at additional cost)

    • Less expensive than traditional vehicle re-paint (i.e. "car paint" with clear finish)

    • Choose between various trendy matte and gloss finishes including smooth, textured, artistic faux finishes, and bedliner ("Rhino")

    Claim Your Appointment Today And Get The Tiny House Special Pricing
    + Free Bonus: Rim Painting

    Show proof of purchase for the Southeast Tiny House Festival in October 2023 and enjoy The Event Special Pricing & Free Bonus

    this bonus expires when the timer hits zero

    **Special on-site mobile painting booth options for Macon area October, 2023.












    What the community is saying:

    We are doing our bus build ourselves but we hired Studio Express to paint the interior and exterior of our bus because we were on a short time frame and needed to have the painting done before we moved out of our house and into the bus full-time.

    The short time it took for them to do such a professional job saved us so much frustration and valuable time to be able to get going with the rest of our build. Just sanding and priming the outside took the two of us 4 days, and Erick was done painting the inside and outside in less than a day. 

    For the color we had a general idea of what we wanted but the white we initially picked for the interior was overwhelmingly bright. Erick suggested some softer options, and we love how it came together. 

    The paint job came out so beautiful and we love driving around with our new look! We definitely recommend Studio Express to anyone wanting help with all or parts of their build.

    Liz & Ashley,
    Big Leap Bus

    (body paint less touch ups)

    “Erick did an absolutely phenomenal job on our exterior paint. It is detailed and immaculate. We couldn’t be happier!

    Lauren & Kevin,

    Erick Lopez is not only a talented painter, bus also a true artist. His professional demeanour and talent shows through on every job he does. From bright colours to subtly textured surfaces, he does it all, even faux finishes, like the “wood” stripes on his own bus. Many people think they are wood or plastic wrap, but it’s all from the artists talents.

    If you’re wanting to give yourself a gift that will last, get your bus professionally painted by Studio Express, it’s an investment that will pay back.

    Yvan Lacroix,
    Lacroix Cruiser


    Travel-tested and proven results

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    5 stars from bus & RV life traveling families

    Let's Paint Your Bus!

    More time for traveling

    More time for leisure activities

    More time with your family

    Time for whatever you want!

    Contact us for details: 

    Meet your Painter & Designer

    Erick Lopez

    Erick brings over 25 years experience in the painting, design, art, and construction industries. He is the founder of Art Illusions & Designs, and Studio Express.  He has been professionally painting the interior and exterior of commercial businesses, residential homes, and most recently: tiny homes! He offers single, two-tone, or multi-color options, as well as faux finishes and art murals.  A particular love is helping owners choose a color palette that fits their goals, whether it be calming, exciting, luxury, or even attention-grabbing!